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Hanging from the Fiscal Cliff

By on Jan 2, 2013 in Blog |

While it was the right thing to do as time ran out, passing the tax “reform” without addressing spending has not given voters/taxpayers any more confidence in their elected leaders. It would also not have been right let let elected representatives off the hook by allowing automatic spending reductions across the board.

Romney Clinches Delegates for GOP Nomination

By on May 30, 2012 in Blog |

Now that the Republican candidate has been decided – let’s all attempt to have an intelligent debate on the differences between President Obama’s policies and achievements and those that Gov. Mitt Romney promotes. Both candidates have self-made wealth and power, so let’s take that discussion off the table. Who is going to  lead us into an economic recovery and inspire Americans to believe in the future of their children?  Which of these men is capable of making the policy changes needed to give businesses the confidence to hire back the American employees they have lost? Who is willing to require those in power, be they business, labor, or government leaders –  to abandon the status quo, and make the tough choices needed to break this cycle of over-spending taxpayer dollars and burying our country in debt? I will be expressing my opinions on these...

Google+ vs. Pinterest

By on Apr 12, 2012 in Blog, Social Media Trends |

Hubspot is right on target with their analysis of the latest popular social media networks – Google + and Pinterest. Internet marketing enthusiasts are always interested in an emerging network that gets a lot of attention.  But the data shows that some social media networks are just meant to be social – not commercial.  It takes a team of dedicated internet marketing professionals to know how to tap the latest greatest and turn it into a marketing opportunity. Both Google+ and Pinterest have made the news recently as the darlings of internet consumers.  Both have benefits and drawbacks, as outlined in a recent Hubspot analysis. What they have in common is a significant following in a younger demographic that cannot be ignored. Pinterest appeals mostly to women and Google+ to men.  Google+ has a larger following, but users don’t stay on the site very long.  Pinterest...

Is Facebook Becoming Too Complicated?

By on Oct 18, 2011 in Blog |

Facebook is facing criticism for constant changes that keep users frustrated and overwhelmed.  It’s not the Facebook they have come to know and love anymore.  Perhaps the founders are forgetting why their creation was so popular in the first place! It was relatively easy to use.  Now it’s not and people are having difficulty figuring out how to post, view their Wall, find their list of friends, etc. People believed they were only sharing with friends.  They weren’t and now users realize their conversations are being monitored and used for marketing purposes. Fanpages were free.  Now you have to purchase an SSL certificate and have the page hosted if it has any dynamic content. Special features promoted conversations.  Now they are being taken away – just when users figured out how to use them!  Reviews and Discussions Apps disappear on Halloween – how...

Is Social Media Too Overwhelming and Losing It’s Appeal?

By on Jun 15, 2011 in Blog, Workshops |

  Keeping Up with Facebook Changes For those of us who strive to stay on top of the latest-greatest social media innovations, often staying up until the wee hours of the morning totally entranced in a article or pouring over marketing trends graphs from HubSpot, it becomes necessary to put the whole social media phenomenon into perspective.   Do our clients really need to learn about hash tags, algorithms or RSS feeds?  I am just as delinquent as my clients in ignoring my daily posting routine.  It’s definitely a case of the cobbler’s neglected shoes. The bottom line is that when I do post, and pay attention to my keywords, things happen!  More people follow and comment, clients suddenly appear.  It’s a miracle!  No, it’s social media.  It really does work if you know how to use your time wisely. So what is the minimum you can do to make social...