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Phishing – Don’t Get Caught!

By on Jan 12, 2017 in Blog |

Our friends at Wordfence have shared their latest findings relating to “Phishing Attacks” on Gmail accounts. Protect yourself with this information!

Protect Your WordPress Site

By on Dec 18, 2015 in Blog |

Keeping a Wordpress site safe and secure can be a full-time job if you don’t know about the tools that are available. Learn about plugins like Wordfence that can keep the bad guys away! Or…at least make them work harder.

Time to Write Your Annual Report

By on Dec 9, 2015 in Blog |

It’s time to get your Non-profit’s Annual Report in order! This is also a good time to step back and think about your accomplishments, who should be the face of those achievements, and the best format to use so that your report will be read and show how much you appreciate your donors!

Facebook Tip – View Your Page Likes

By on Jul 3, 2015 in Blog |

People often ask…Who Likes Me? Learn how to locate your Facebook Fanpage List of Likes.

Net Neutrality or Power Grab?

By on Feb 26, 2015 in Blog |

The internet has been the wild west, and America liked it that way. Now there is a serious risk that our smart phone services will be negatively impacted since the regulatory oversight mimics that created for your land-line phone – do people still have those?

When In Doubt…Don’t Click!

By on Aug 20, 2014 in Blog |

It may seem obvious that you should be wary about clicking on unknown links in emails. But online predators are way beyond that strategy, infiltrating social media and hijacking email addresses. When you see a message that warns you that not sharing will bring you bad luck…THINK FIRST and DON’T CLICK! If a message from a trusted name doesn’t look like something they would send – ERASE.