Is Facebook Becoming Too Complicated?

Is Facebook Becoming Too Complicated?

Facebook is facing criticism for constant changes that keep users frustrated and overwhelmed.  It’s not the Facebook they have come to know and love anymore.  Perhaps the founders are forgetting why their creation was so popular in the first place! It was...

Lobbyists Will Earn Their Fees in 2011

Gov. Brown has declared a time for austerity in California. Lobbyists will be stepping up their game to make certain their clients retain their piece of the pie. Capitol Social will track their creative internet advocacy techniques.

My Social Blend – Your Social Media Hub

I signed up for a free account with My Social Blend.  We use it to post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and it saves so much time!  The product is constantly being updated with great search and branding functions.   There are no bothersome ads popping up, and the...