Branded Social Media Sites

Just because you’re smart…doesn’t mean you know how to use social media!  And hiring your teenager to post for your business is not a good idea on so many me.

Protecting the use of your brand should be a major part of your communications strategy.  And that means taking care that anything said on the internet in your name reflects your values, desired public image, and goals.

Facebook Fanpage updates are no longer sent to your entire fanbase 🙁   You must consider reaching out with a graphic or image that reflects your brand to a new, but targeted audience by boosting posts and advertising on social media.

You worked hard to create your brand – now use it! 


They changed it again!!

Since Facebook likes to keep you on your toes…we offer support services to keep your Fanpage up and running when Mr. Zuckerberg decides to change things up.  That has been happening a lot lately.  Do you have the time to keep up?


Over and over again, clients tell us they are amazed at their successes using Facebook and LinkedIn Company pages to put their brand in front of potential customers and leads.  This has been accomplished because we understand that Facebook is all about gaining trust and LinkedIn is all about reaching other professionals.  Our strategies enable you to be a thought leader to stay front of mind with people who need your services.

Capitol Social will brand your Fanpage, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter sites, making sure your profiles and content will have a recognizable look and feel for your followers.

Use the form below to contact us and we will discuss a strategy for promoting your brand on social media networks.


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