Hubspot is right on target with their analysis of the latest popular social media networks – Google + and Pinterest.

Internet marketing enthusiasts are always interested in an emerging network that gets a lot of attention.  But the data shows that some social media networks are just meant to be social – not commercial.  It takes a team of dedicated internet marketing professionals to know how to tap the latest greatest and turn it into a marketing opportunity.

Both Google+ and Pinterest have made the news recently as the darlings of internet consumers.  Both have benefits and drawbacks, as outlined in a recent Hubspot analysis.

What they have in common is a significant following in a younger demographic that cannot be ignored. Pinterest appeals mostly to women and Google+ to men.  Google+ has a larger following, but users don’t stay on the site very long.  Pinterest users stay on, but photos and videos make it more difficult to convert to a sale.

The bottom line is that adding a new social media network to your marketing regimen must be a good fit if it’s going to be worth your precious time.  Do some research before you focus too much time on the shiny new penny.


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