While it was the right thing to do as time ran out, passing the tax “reform” without addressing spending has not given voters/taxpayers any more confidence in their elected leaders. It would also not have been right let let elected representatives off the hook by allowing automatic spending reductions across the board.

We all have heard horror stories about abuses of our tax dollars by local, state and federal officials. These must be addressed, including entitlements that are not warranted. At the same time, most taxpayers support programs that are in place to help the truly needy. Those programs that may need even more funding are in jeopardy because of the lack of leadership by our elected representatives who just can’t say NO!

I have witnessed first-hand that the current generation of college students have very strong feelings about being entitled to live in relative comfort – away from their families who may be willing to let them continue living at home. They are not hesitant to seek out federal grants, food stamps and any other programs that will allow them time to “chill” instead of making every effort possible to find employment and support themselves. This should be of concern to everyone.

Parents can do their part to provide the tough financial love for their young adult children – AKA cut off the internet, use of the family car and free cell phone if they aren’t trying to stay in school or look for work… but the government needs to do the same, or we face a certain future that includes a dependent generation with dwindling resources to pay the bills.

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