Just read an article today that had a helpful infograph on SEO trends. While not earth-shaking news, it did make the point that social media and internet marketing professionals must keep on their toes to make sure we are optimizing our client’s chances of ranking on Google and other search engines.

Take a look here.

The most helpful tip in this article related to a link building strategy.  You can’t keep trying to sell or educate the same people in your Facebook fanbase or email list.  You need to branch out to an audience that values the information you are providing.


LinkBldg image

Find an association, business, blog, newsletter or other source that has its own base, and share your expertise!  It never hurts to ask.  Many periodicals and websites are looking for relevant content.  You can also submit your blog or article to your local Patch or newspaper.  As long as it is factual, relevant to the local community, and addressing a topic of current interest, you have a great chance of being published.  This will in turn bring new visitors to your website (which of course will be linked to throughout your blog for folks wanting more detailed information).

Be prepared for success! 

Don’t bring attention to your site unless it’s ready for people with high expectations based on reading your article.  If you would like an assessment of your site, contact The Mahan Group.  We can provide you with suggestions to make sure you are ready to engage new visitors.


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