The FEC has approved new rules to give them internet oversight – will that benefit consumers?

Will our costs increase?

Will internet service slow down?

Is the next step regulating content?


All remains to be seen, but I am not optimistic that the average person’s web experience will improve in the short term.

The internet has been the wild west, and America liked it that way.  Now there is a serious risk that our smart phone services will be negatively impacted since the regulatory oversight mimics that created for your land-line phone – do people still have those?

Law suits are coming so stay tuned!

Read this article in the Washington Post.

December 2017 – UPDATE – New President makes the difference.

Regardless of all the doomsday hype that dumping net neutrality would mean us little guys lose our service, the rules have changed back to a pre-2015 free market internet.

Of course, the government never lets businesses operate free of their watchful eye, but now, internet providers have an incentive to further improve their services. I don’t want these advancements to be at any consumer’s expense. Providers will be smart to provide faster and enhanced services to those who can pay for it, while keeping the average user happy. 

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