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CapitolSocial Internet Marketing specializes in services for small businesses, non-profits and political campaigns.

You might be wondering…Is Social Media Worth the Investment of Time & Financial Resources?

You won’t be able to make that judgement until you are maximizing your presence on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Every business or political campaign is unique and requires a strategy that gets you where you need to be.

Social Media should be a part of your communication program.

  • Did you know that reporters find a large percentage of their stories on Twitter?
  • Do most of your social posts link back to an engaging website?
  • Is your business or campaign listed on free referral sites?
  • Do you use Google Analytics to plan your next campaign?

There is a science to internet marketing and advocacy. And, we can help you succeed.  Use the comment box below to tell us about your challenges being found on the internet.


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