Now that the Republican candidate has been decided – let’s all attempt to have an intelligent debate on the differences between President Obama’s policies and achievements and those that Gov. Mitt Romney promotes.

Both candidates have self-made wealth and power, so let’s take that discussion off the table.

Who is going to  lead us into an economic recovery and inspire Americans to believe in the future of their children?  Which of these men is capable of making the policy changes needed to give businesses the confidence to hire back the American employees they have lost?

Who is willing to require those in power, be they business, labor, or government leaders –  to abandon the status quo, and make the tough choices needed to break this cycle of over-spending taxpayer dollars and burying our country in debt?

I will be expressing my opinions on these subjects, and I hope all Americans will pay attention to the actual words of the candidates (not the hyped up messages in the TV ads…sorry political consultants…) and demand answers.  Once the President is elected in November – those same Americans must hold that official to their promises and must all work together, and sacrifice together, to make America’s economy great again.


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