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Net Neutrality or Power Grab?

By on Feb 26, 2015 in Blog |

The internet has been the wild west, and America liked it that way. Now there is a serious risk that our smart phone services will be negatively impacted since the regulatory oversight mimics that created for your land-line phone – do people still have those?

When In Doubt…Don’t Click!

By on Aug 20, 2014 in Blog |

It may seem obvious that you should be wary about clicking on unknown links in emails. But online predators are way beyond that strategy, infiltrating social media and hijacking email addresses. When you see a message that warns you that not sharing will bring you bad luck…THINK FIRST and DON’T CLICK! If a message from a trusted name doesn’t look like something they would send – ERASE.

Lessons from “Taking Chance” on Memorial Day

By on May 26, 2014 in Blog |

Just finished my annual tradition of watching the film “Taking Chance”. If you haven’t seen should. Watch it on Memorial Day, or any day you need to remember that humans have an innate kindness that displays when we least expect it. The movie shows the good and honor in people during times of tragedy as they honor the fallen soldier named “Chance”.

FCC and European High Court Decisions Change the Future of Internet Use and Content

By on May 15, 2014 in Blog |

Would you pay to have a higher quality internet stream for your products and services? Have you ever wanted to remove that post on the internet that reminds searchers of past transgressions? Recent actions will impact both of these opportunities if you have the money…or if you live in the right country.

Success Through Social Media

By on Mar 28, 2014 in SignUpForNews |

We appreciate your interest and look forward to sending you helpful information. CapitolSocial Internet Marketing specializes in services for small businesses, non-profits and political campaigns. You might be wondering…Is Social Media Worth the Investment of Time & Financial Resources? You won’t be able to make that judgement until you are maximizing your presence on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn. Every business or political campaign is unique and requires a strategy that gets you where you need to be. Social Media should be a part of your communication program. Did you know that reporters find a large percentage of their stories on Twitter? Do most of your social posts link back to an engaging website? Is your business or campaign listed on free referral sites? Do you use Google Analytics to plan your next campaign? There is a science to internet...